Výzkumný seminář: Jan Balon, John Holmwood: Herbert Adolphus Miller and the Mid-European Union: Exploring the Intersection of Minority Rights, Ethnonationalism, and Empire after WWI

Výzkumné semináře MÚA AV ČR – jaro 2023

Datum konání
27. 2. 2023, 15:00 – 27. 2. 2023, 16:30
Místo konání
MÚA AV ČR, konferenční sál (B -110), Gabčíkova 2362/10, Praha 8

Jan Balon, John Holmwood (Filosofický ústav AV ČR)

Herbert Adolphus Miller (1875-1951) was a significant figure in North American social science, known for his ties to pragmatism and the Chicago School. His notable work on the Carnegie Americanization Project explored the assimilation and integration of immigrants in American society. This paper will focus on a lesser-known aspect of Miller's life: his brief involvement with the Mid-European Union (MEU) after the end of World War I. During his tenure as Director of the MEU, Miller made significant contributions to the understanding of minority rights and ethnonationalism in the aftermath of the war. Through his involvement with the MEU, Miller highlights the larger issues faced by the empires of Europe after the First World War. This paper aims to examine Miller's contributions to the pressing issues of empire, minority rights and ethnonationalism.