Výzkumný seminář: Anna Echterhölter: Pacific Data Journeys. The Enquete Tradition and Patterns of Justification in German Colonial Statistics

Výzkumné semináře MÚA AV ČR – jaro 2023

Datum konání
27. 3. 2023, 15:00 – 27. 3. 2023, 16:30
Místo konání
MÚA AV ČR, konferenční sál (B -110), Gabčíkova 2362/10, Praha 8

Anna Echterhölter (Universität Wien)

The presentation investigates early examples of colonial statistics, number collection, and surveys on topics like health, conditions of slavery, or indigenous law in the German Pacific. It will concentrate on two stages of this data journey (Leonelli). The moment of data collection at the doorstep and the moment, when the categories for the inquiry are decided upon because both instances are moments of profound misunderstanding and concealment.