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T. G. Masaryk and His Collaborators. Research – Editions – Popularisation

The team focuses on researching the activities of T. G. Masaryk and his associates, both in the political sphere (especially Edvard Beneš) and in the scientific and cultural spheres. T. G. Masaryk was active in various scientific fields and social areas during his lifetime, and the composition of the team is therefore necessarily interdisciplinary: its members focus on the history of thought, political history, cultural and literary history, and memory studies. The research is intertwined with the editorial practice, one of the important tasks of the team is to make available sources of various nature (works, ego documents such as correspondence, memoirs, but also documents of official nature). The team members are involved in the publication of profile editions of Spisy TGM, Korespondence TGM, Dokumenty E. Beneš, EGO, etc. The team relies on excellent infrastructure - the holdings of the Archives of the T. G. Masaryk Institute and the T. G. Masaryk Presidential Library, which are administered by the Masaryk Institute and the Archives of the CAS. The team is involved in the development of several databases - metadata of Masaryk's extensive correspondence is entered into the HiKo database of historical correspondence, a database of monuments and documentation of presidential journeys is being created in the environment of the web portal Po stopyách T. G. Masaryk, and a bibliography of published texts by TGM is being continuously updated.

Considering the importance of T. G. Masaryk's position in modern Czech history, an important component of the team's activities is popularisation, whether through the press, radio, television and social networks, or in the form of lectures for the public, debates or workshops for secondary and university students.

The team cooperates with a number of academic institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad, regional memory institutions (museums, archives) and societies and associations focused (not only) on the personality of T. G. Masaryk (T. G. Masaryk Institute, T. G. Masaryk Museum in Hodonín, Masaryk Society, Anna and Jaroslav Krejčích Research Fund, etc.).

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