Digital outputs

Employees of the Masaryk Institute and the Archives of the CAS are involved in the creation of web portals that present the results of scientific research to the public in an unconventional and interactive way. These portals enable people interested in history and other fields of social sciences to independently follow various historical motifs directly in their surroundings and in everyday life.


An educational application for working with historical sources.

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T. G. Masaryk’s Collected Works Online

Fulltext database providing access to all volumes of the published writings of the first Czechoslovak president.

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In the footsteps of T. G. Masaryk

The portal offers an interactive map showing historical and contemporary places related to Masaryk’s life and interwar Czechoslovakia.

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Historical correspondence online

The portal collects information on projects dedicated to the processing of historical correspondence related to the history of the Czech lands from the Middle Ages to the second half of the 20th century, especially in terms of digital processing.

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We lived through this. Educational portal about history (not only) for seniors

An open digital platform for distance learning for seniors in historical sciences and related fields.

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Knihově Portal to the history of Czech book culture up to 1800

The portal is part of the basic infrastructure for research on the topic in the form of integrated bibliographic resources, explanatory texts and new research tools.

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European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI)

The EHRI Czech national node improves access to archival and other sources on the Holocaust, provides data on victims and supports the application of innovative digital methods.

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Workers’ Colonies. Housing for workers in the changing times

A web portal dedicated to the expert elaboration and popularization of workers’ colonies and social housing for workers in the Czech lands.

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MemoGIS Prague

A historical geographic information system displaying data on Holocaust victims, cases of violations of anti-Jewish regulations and ordinances, and related points of interest in the Greater Prague area.

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Deputies Database

Database of parliamentary representatives elected and co-opted in Czech territory between 1848 and 1992, including members of Czechoslovak representative bodies elected in Slovakia.

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