Department of Institutional Fonds

The Masaryk Institute and Archives of the CAS is the controlling link of the state administration in providing a uniform filing and shredding service for the entire Czech Academy of Sciences. The Department of Institutional Fonds coordinates pre-archival care and supervises the records management at all departments of the CAS. It also supervises the records management at societies coordinated by the Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic, to which it offers professional assistance in the management of documents, archiving, professional processing and making their fonds available to researchers. The department maintains the basic register of the National Archival Heritage, which includes archival fonds and collections stored at the departments of the CAS in addition to the archival files permanently stored in the archives. The department is interested in the current state of archival legislation and developments in the field of electronicisation of the records service and digitisation. The department takes care of approximately 300 fonds and collections (about 3 km of archival material), which were created mainly by the activities of the bodies and departments of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1952–1992) and the Czech Academy of Sciences (since 1993). The department’s activities include the care of a large and unique collection of photographic material representing irreplaceable documentation of the history of science and culture, which includes black and white and colour positives, negatives, glass negatives, glass slides, partly coloured and digital photographs. All the archival material entrusted to us is gradually being processed and made available (inventories and other archival material). The staff of the department participates in the acquisition of archive files and participates in the scientific, publishing and popularization activities of the Institute.

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Oddělení institucionálních fondů
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