Award of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for Rudolf Kučera

On Monday 27 November 2023, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic awarded its prizes.

The prize for outstanding results in research, experimental development and innovation was awarded, among others, to Rudolf Kučera, director of the MÚA, for his monograph Paths out of the Apocalypse. Physical Violence in the Fall and Renewal of the Central Europe, 1914–1922.

In it, he and co-author Ota Konrád (Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University) brought an innovative perspective on war violence, the collapse of empires and the emergence of nation-states – focusing on the lower classes of the population.

"Men at a certain age start to change something, for example, they buy a new car or a powerful motorbike. My colleague and I decided to study physical violence. We managed to channel this interest into scientific work," Rudolf Kučera remarked about the award with hyperbole.

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Photo: Jana Plavec, CAS

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