Archive of the T. G. Masaryk Institute

Vedoucí: PhDr. Helena Kokešová, Ph.D.
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Masaryk's personal archive became part of the TGM Institute in 1932, and documents from Masaryk's family and co-workers were to be added to it on an ongoing basis. The contents of the personal archive were defined by Masaryk himself at the time the TGM Institute was established. He determined that it was a collection of scholarly, philosophical and political
material, documenting his writing, pedagogical and political activities. It comprises manuscripts, correspondence, notes and documents from before, during and after the war. The entire collection makes up an organically integrated unit. At the TGM Institute Archive you can currently study the personal papers not only of TGM and the members of his family, but
also of his closest associate Edvard Beneš. Another important element is the documentation from the TGM Institute, which has been involved in the study of the life and work of T. G. Masaryk since its establishment in 1932. Its activities having been suspended in 1954, it returned to its original task in 1990, since when the Archive has been a first-class source of resources for the publication of TGM's writings and series of TGM's correspondence. Over the last few years the Department has also taken part in the prestige Czech Science Foundation project Minutes from meetings of the Czechoslovak government in exile in London.

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