Department of Institutional Fonds

Vedoucí: PhDr. Jan Hálek, Ph.D.
  • Gab. +420 286 010 113
  • Nár. +420 221 403 227

The CAS Archive (Archiv AV ČR) is the state administration control point ensuring uniform document management and safe document disposal services for the entire Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS). The Department sees to the performance of pre-archive care and supervision of the document management service at all CAS establishments and CAS Office Sections (Kancelář AV ČR). The Department also supervises the document management service at organizations coordinated by the Council of Research Associations of the Czech Republic (Rada vědeckých společností ČR), offering them expert assistance for document administration, archiving, specialist processing and making their fonds available to researchers. The Department maintains records at the National Archive Heritage, to which it adds archive fonds and collections housed at Academy of Sciences establishments to the archive collections that are already permanently housed there. The Department is interested in the current state of archive legislation and  developments in the digitization of document management services. The Department looks after approximately 300 fonds and collections (some three kilometres of archive material) originating primarily from the activities of CSAS institutes and bodies (1952-1992), or from the ASCR/CAS (since 1993). Details available here. The Department's activities also include conservation of the extensive and unique collection of photographic material comprising irreplaceable documentation on the history of science, scholarship and culture and including both monochrome and colour positives, negatives, glass negatives, glass slides, partly coloured and digital photography. All the archive material that has been entrusted is progressively processed and made accessible (using inventories and archive aids). Archivists also create and update supra-fonds aids, e.g. databases of basic information on CAS establishments (reorganizational changes, persons in charge, members of CAS management and advisory bodies since 1993) and databases of collections of basic CSAS and CAS documents. Department staff participate in acquisitions and take part in the publication, popularization and scholarly activities at the Institute.

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