Projects in progress

Czech Science Foundation (CSF)

  • Provider: CSF, ID 18-06264S, Found in Translation. Emil Saudek and Jewish, Czech and German Interactions in the “creative milieu” of Vienna, project manager Mgr. Lucie Merhautová, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 18-16793S, Citizens of the No Man’s Land. Jewish refugees and erosion of citizenship in East-Central Europe, 1935–1939, project manager Mgr. Michal Frankl, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 18-20451S, Jaroslav Bidlo and Milada Paulova: The Founding Figures of Slavonic History Studies in the Context of the Evolution of Czech Scholarhip, project co-manager PhDr. Daniela Brádlerová, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 18-02760S, Staging the political exile. Czechoslovak politicians in London during WWII, project co-manager Mgr. Richard Vašek, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 18-03921S, Social Question in Situ: Social Policies of Industrial Enterprises in Bohemian Lands, 1879–1914, project co-manager Mgr. Svatopluk Herc
  • Provider: CSF, ID 18-02843S, Uncertain Mandates. Legitimization of Elections in the Bohemian Lands and Czechoslovakia 1848–1939, project co-manager Mgr. Pavel Fabini
  • Provider: CSF, ID 16-11252S, Maffie – myth and reality. The formation of the image of the domestic anti-Austrian resistance in the collective memory of interwar Czechoslovakia, project manager PhDr. Jan Hálek, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 16-15083S, The Era of nuncio Pietro Ciriaci: The relationship between Czechoslovakia and Vatican 1928–1934, project co-manager Mgr. Eva Hajdinová, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 16-04364S, The Religious Life of the Industrial Working Class in the Czech Lands (1918–1939): Institutions, Religiosity and the Social Question, project manager PhDr. Martin Jemelka, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 16-12145S, Early modern urban historiography and collective memory. The image of the town in early modern Bohemian chronicles, project manager PhDr. Marie Tošnerová, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 17-01279S, District Commissioner as a representative of state administration in the region. Changes of state executive in Bohemia in 1868–1945, project manager PhDr. Martin Klečacký, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 17-02610S, Catholic Emigration from Bohemia and Moravia during Hussite Wars, project manager Mgr. Ondřej Vodička, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 17-22085S, Habitus of Czech scientists in 1918–1968. Example of two generations, project manager doc. PhDr. Martin Franc, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID 17-02120S, Czech-German Relations on the Eve of the World War I. Edition of Documents from Compromise Negotations in 1913 and 1914, project co-manager PhDr. Luboš Velek, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, LA projects, No. I 3125-G28, ID GF17-33831L, WWI Veterans in Czechoslovakia and Austria 1918-1938, project manager Dr. phil. Rudolf Kučera, Ph.D.

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)

  • Provider: TA CR, ID TL01000366, Integration and segregation in cityspace: the history of the Holocaust in Prague through a web application, Beneficiary: Institut Terezínské iniciativy [Terezín Initiative Institute]
  • Provider: TA CR, ID TL01000046, Historylab: using technology to foster historical literacy, Beneficiary: Ústav pro studium totalitních režimů [Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes]


Finished projects

Projects finished in 2017

  • Provider: CSF, ID GJ15-17658Y, From the loom to the factory boom: Industrial architecture of Bohemian Lands in European context, 1848-1914, investigator Mgr. Zdeněk Nebřenský, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA15-00941S, Illuminated Manuscripts in Bohemian Archives, investigator PhDr. Pavel Brodský, CSc. DSc.
  • Provider: CSF, č. 15-17092S, The Papacy, the Curia, and the Catholic Church in the Bohemian Lands 1820-1938. Relationships, Czech Specifics, and the Ultramontanism Phenomenon, investigator PhDr. Miroslav Kunštát, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA15-03346S, Historiography in the service of politics: Historian Josef Kalousek and Czech society in the second half of the 19th century, investigator Mgr. Pavel Fabini
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA15-03754S, Between state plan and research freedom. Ethnography and folklore studies in Czechia in the context of development of culture and society in 1945-1989, investigator doc. PhDr. Alena Míšková, Ph.D.

Projects finished in 2016

  • Provider: CSF, ID GAP410/12/0468, The Czech Political Right Wing in the Fateful Years 1938-1945, investigator PhDr. Josef Tomeš
  • Provider: CSF, ID GAP405/12/1412, Catalogue of the manuscript bohemica in the Vatican Libary – Palatina Library, investigator Mgr. Stanislav Petr
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA13-09541S, Charles University and Czechoslovak Academy of Science. Scientific and Higher Education Institutions in Political and Social Changes 1945–1968, investigator PhDr. Martin Franc, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA14-35273S, Liberal Society or National Community? Social Policy in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, 1939–1945, investigator PhDr. Radka Šustrová
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA14-00994S, Scriptores. Written culture and its creators in late medieval Bohemia 1300-1350, investigator PhDr. Marta Hradilová
  • Provider: CSF, GA14-14612S, Violence in Central Europe During and in the Aftermath of the World War I. Austrian and Czech Lands in Comparison, investigator Mgr. Rudolf Kučera, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA14-29050S, Modernism – Machar – Masaryk: thoughts, works and activities, investigator PhDr. Helena Kokešová, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA14-12289S, Constructing National Identity: State Holidays in the First Czechoslovak Republic, investigator PhDr. Dagmar Hájková, Ph.D.

Projects finished in 2015

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA13-29729S, Women Labour and Modern Society in the Czech Lands, investigator PhDr. Marie Bahenská, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GPP406/12/P688, Interpretation of Czech literary modernism in German-language journals 1880-1910, investigator Mgr. Lucie Merhautová, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GAP410/11/1944, Records of the meetings of the Czechoslovak Exile Government in London 1943-1945 , investigator Mgr. Jan Bílek

Projects finished in 2014

Projects finished in 2012

Projects finished in 2011

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/09/P636, Czechoslovak-Austrian relationship in 1918-1938, investigator PhDr. Ota Konrád, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/09/1173, The Czech Feminist Thinking of the 19th and 20th Century, investigator PhDr. Marie Bahenská, Ph.D.
  • Provider: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, ID IAAX00630801, Czech Scholars in Exile, 1948-1989, investigator PhDr. Milena Josefovičová
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/09/0503, In Quest of a Centre. German Scientific and Educational Institutions in the Bohemia in the 19th and the First Half of 20th Century, investigator PhDr. Miroslav Kunštát, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/09/1375, Josef Pfitzner – from History to Ideology, investigator doc. PhDr. Alena Míšková
  • Provider: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, ID IAA800770901, Munich 1938 in Memoirs of Contemporaries, investigator PhDr. Josef Tomeš
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA410/10/1598, Scholars in the Midst of “High Politics”. The 1919 Paris Peace Talks as Witnessed by Participating Czech and Polish Experts, investigator PhDr. Jan Chodějovský

Projects finished in 2010

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA404/08/0112, Catalogue of manuscripts former of the Francis Museum in Brno, investigator prom. hist. Stanislav Petr
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA405/08/0087, Vienna Review Die Zeit and the Czech Modernist Movement, investigator Mgr. Lucie Kostrbová, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/08/0121, Vatican and Czechoslovakia 1918-1938, investigator PhDr. Michal Pehr, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/09/1131, Records from the meetings of Czechoslovak government in London 1942, investigator Mgr. Jan Bílek

Projects finished in 2009

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/07/0239, T. G. Masaryk and the Representatives of the National Party in Czech Lands, investigator PhDr. Helena Kokešová
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA404/07/1052, Pre-White Mountain Period Narrative Sources from Czech Towns, investigator Mgr. Marie Tošnerová
  • Provider: CSF, ID GP409/07/P258, Between Notables and Mass. National Party (Old Czech), 1861-1918, investigator PhDr. Luboš Velek, Ph.D.
  • Provider: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, ID KJB800770701, Ivan Málek and the Politics of Science, 1952-1989, investigator PhDr. Martin Franc, Ph.D.

Projects finished in 2008

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA404/06/0007, Catalogue of the Illuminated Manuscripts of the Strahov Library, invenstigator PhDr. Pavel Brodský, CSc.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/07/0962, Records from meetings of Czechoslovak government in London 1940-1941, investigator Mgr. Jan Bílek

Projects finished in 2007

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/05/2088, Power, Influence and Authority in the Formative Years of Czechoslovakia (1918-1921), investigator doc. PhDr. Ivan Šedivý, CSc.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/05/2589, Czechoslovakia 1918-1938 the sources and content of anti-dermocratic and right-wing criticism of its democracy, investigator doc. Eva Broklová, DrSc.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA404/05/0122, Catalogue of manuscripts of St. Jacob´s library in Brno, investigator prom. hist. Stanislav Petr
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/06/1584, T. G. Masaryk and the Slovak Question 1882-1918, investigator prof. PhDr. Jan Rychlík, DrSc.

Projects finished in 2006

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/04/0354, Czech-Sorbian Relations in the 19th and 20th Centuries, investigator PhDr. Petr Kaleta, Ph.D.
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/04/0179, Edvard Beneš: Road of democracy 1935-1938, investigator Mgr. Richard Vašek
  • Provider: Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, ID ICE800770601, The Selected Paleographic and Codicoligical Studies of Jiří Pražák, investigator prom. hist. Stanislav Petr

Projects finished in 2005

  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/03/1036, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and the Realists, investigator Mgr. Jan Bílek
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/03/1038, Biography of T. G. Masaryk, volume 3 (1893 - 1900) 4 (1900-1914 ) a 5 ( 1914 - 1918 ), investigator PhDr. Stanislav Polák
  • Provider: CSF, ID GA409/05/2535, The correspondence of M. F. Rajevskij with the Czechs, investigator doc. Vratislav Doubek, Ph.D.