Conference: Queens, Noblewomen, and Burgher Women, 1300–1550. Initiative-takers or Passive Patrons?

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10. 11. 2022, 0:00 to 11. 11. 2022, 0:00

queens_2022_poster.jpg?itok=1twR7ll5 Initiatives taken by women during the Middle Ages, particularly those of the upper social strata, were reflected strikingly in art, regardless of whether the women had commissioned the works, were benefactors, or were directly involved as active participants in a wide range of activities as founders. One should not overlook the actual creative activities of women – in all social strata they could doubtless also work as artists. Conference contributions on topics from art history (including architecture, sculpture, painting, and the decorative arts) will be accompanied by, among other things, discussion of questions in literary history and musicology. The conference seeks to provide space for wide-ranging interdisciplinary discussion at an international level.


The conference will be held on November, 10th –11th, 2022, at the Academic Conference Centre, Husova 4a, Prague.


The international conference is organized by the Institute of Art History of CAS and Masaryk Institute and Archives of CAS with the support of the Strategy AV 21 Programme.

We look forward to meeting you there.

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