Team 5)

Codicology: Study and Cataloguing of Manuscripts

The team studies literary manuscripts from the Middle Ages until the end of the early modern period. Its main task is to provide access to manuscript collections in the Czech Republic and manuscript Bohemica abroad by collecting inventories and by developing and maintaining an electronic database. Its research focuses on specialised groups of manuscripts, the history of libraries, narrative sources, as well as on more general topics from the history of the Middle Ages.


Team leader

Marta Hradilová


  • Pavel Brodský
  • Marta Hradilová
  • Martina Hrdinová
  • Zuzana Lukšová
  • Marie Tošnerová
  • Hana Vlhová-Wörner
  • Ondřej Vodička

Other workers

  • Stanislav Petr
  • Martina Šumová