Team 3)

Religious, Social, and Economic History

The team focuses on the history of religious, economic, and political ideas and their intertwining with social practices and economic and geographical conditions. The research combines approaches from intellectual, social, and religious history to capture the (dis)continuities of the history of the Bohemian lands in the context of Central Europe. Particular research topics include religious cultures, the history of the welfare state, new capitalism studies, and the study of expert cultures.


Team leader

Martin Jemelka


  • Hajdinová Eva
  • Jemelka Martin
  • Kaucká Kristýna
  • Kunštát Miroslav
  • Pavlíček Tomáš W.
  • Štofaník Jakub
  • Šustrová Radka

Former researchers

  • Zdeněk Nebřenský

Other workers

  • Svatopluk Herc
  • Tomáš Zouzal