Team 2)

T. G. Masaryk and His Collaborators. Research – Editions – Popularisation

The team focuses on the research, publications, and the popularisation of the works and activities of T. G. Masaryk and his collaborators, primarily E. Beneš. The team addresses a range of topics from political history and the history of thought, to cultural, literary, and memory studies. Its members collaborate on source editions (Complete Works of TGM, Correspondence of TGM, Documents of E. Beneš) and contribute to the creation of digital databases and infrastructure, including bibliographies.


Team leader

Lucie Merhautová


  • Vratislav Doubek
  • Milan Hanyš
  • Helena Kokešová
  • Jana Malínská
  • Lucie Merhautová
  • Josef Tomeš
  • Richard Vašek

Former researchers

  • Jan Rychlík

Other workers

  • Jitka Jindřišková