Team 1)

Research on Czech Statehood 1848–1948. Concepts, Practices, Reflections

The team focuses on the transformations of Czech statehood in the 19th and 20th centuries in the Central European context. Principal research areas include the legitimacy and structure of state authority, parliamentarianism and the political system, political culture and civil society, as well as the politics of memory and its application. The team studies these issues using various conceptual and methodological approaches both on the institutional level and in a broad socio-cultural context.


Team leader

Dagmar Hájková


  • Dagmar Hájková
  • Pavel Horák
  • Martin Klečacký
  • Martin Klement
  • Luboš Velek

Former researchers

  • Michal Pehr

Other workers

  • Zdeněk Bezecný
  • Pavel Fabini
  • Michal Kurz
  • Mikuláš Zvánovec