Michael Dean: A Small Nation in an Age of Empires. Czech Nation Building in an Interconnected World, 1848–1938

Výzkumné semináře Institutu mezinárodních studií FSV UK a MÚA AV ČR – podzim 2016

12. 12. 2016


The era of mass nationalism was also a time of unprecedented global integration. Following recent scholarship, especially in German historiography, that portrays the rise of exclusionary nationalism as a product rather than competitor of early globalization, this project places migration, empire and the spread of global markets at the center of modern Czech history. It examines international labor migration and debates it inspired to show how local understandings of nationhood arose together with globalizing processes and how Czechs understood the role of a small nation in a connecting world.


Foto: Radka Šustrová (MÚA AV ČR)